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30 July 2008

♥ I love my LIFE :)

while surfing on9 suddenly;

i feel a little bit guilty..no. alot act.
maybe im the reason edy didnt go to his class today. Urggh.
how bad gf i am.

the stories begin like this :

last nyte we hve a little arguement bout this blog.Biase la i mcm bru dgn blog enviroment ni kn so byk yg i x tawu.Act it ws a simple thing je i cant change the font face, color n so on. I tawu ade option utk change sume tu before publish the post but kt interface blog i tade. Yg ade cume bold n italic. For the font face n size tade. So i mcm bengang la. How it could be?* well its juz simple matter je kan.xkn ni pn x tawu nk solve sendirik. gunela coding.* N suddenly edy mcm naik hangin ngn i. Maybe he pressure coz im always depending on him. Cant stnd on my own feet. Even the small matters pn i nk sruh die buat :(. N then skype plak buat hal. Asek dropped je.Lastly around 2am edy da bengang i pn da *&%@$# die sign out n called my hp. We talk about 30 minutes. Mase tu i tawu die dh ngantuk sgt. Ade klaz pg plak tu at 8am.Lepas die letak fon i buat super saver n i call him pulak. Sbb ckp tadi mcm x puas.N everyone noe la kn SS=1 hour.So kitorg gayut smpi kul 3.30am++ At the morning im waiting for his sms but tade pn. Then i kol die around 12pm n die ckp "i x pegi class. mama bebel tido lmbt" i mcm WHAT??.yEA2.My fault.i admit.Even he's not blaming me but still.Obviously im the reason he wake up late.End.

lets move on to the next story

Just now papa bgtau esok papa ade workshop kat mane tah.It takes 2 days if im not mistaken.I x dpt la on9 esok mlm n esok mlmnye lg :( knape? sbb ol dis while im using his lappy. Yap i do. So, now die nk gune tepaksela bagi :(( its ok plus its only 2 days. I can handle it ;) then i saje sms edy n told him bout this.And he like complaining *i ges*

me : yunk, 2moro papa ade bengkel. Die bwk laptop :( i taleh on9 :((

edy : alahai xkn u xleh hidup xde laptop. u asyik dgn laptop je. i nk hidup ngn u jugak.

wat ws that mean? i'm not giving him full enough attention? maybe.Yea my life juz bout this lappy, on9, editing pictures, blogging, myspace , friendster n ol that stuff.Mcm xde life pon ye jugak. I duno i da biase mcm ni.I x malu nk ckp yg i'm not really have a lot of friends. Juz a few. But i dun care. I love my recently friends. Maybe they r not a lot like yours but they always be there for me.Its more than enough. So the motif is i love my life even its like no life.Haha.

next. next. next

im planning wat i will doin for this coming 2 days with no laptop :D

30 july 2008

8.00 am - sleep

3.00 pm - wake up mandi & makann

5.00 pm - watching tv

8.00 pm - bg mkn kuceng then g dinner

10.00 pm - balik, tgk tv, sembang2 ngn sis n mama

31 july 2008

12.00 am - masuk bilik

1.00 am - call edy *SS time :P*

2.00 am - still awake

3.00 am - cant sleep

4.00 am - smsing edy says sumthing like i love him or im dying missing him.haha.*like i always did if i cant sleep*

6.00 am - sleep

9.00 am - get ready nk jumpe ema *pinjam dwet nk betolkn enset*

10.00 am - breakfast with ema

12.00 pm - g kedai enset

1.00 pm - yeay~! get back my fon

1.30 pm - treat her lunch to wish "thanks"

3.00 pm - going back

3.30 pm - arrived

6.00 pm - papa balikkkkk~! *laptop pelis*

*dis 2 days i ges not really bad laa.. at least i get back my fon :) but hutang i still kene byar later.mati mati mati*

written by ; eta.

♥ we made for each other ♥
5:33:00 PM
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