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18 October 2008

♥ Preparation :)

Td balik keje pegi survey, n i found 1 shop kt sect 7 shah alam. Quite pretty n most important fine with my budget. Hehe. There's hve a lot of interesting n colorful design but as my discussion with my family we want gold+cream themes, i think this is quite suitable. After i ask this n that, he said for 9 set hantaran its around below RM800 :) I said ok laa. Coz my budget is more more than that. Hehe. Plus mama ckp bukan 9 dulang sume nk tempah juz difficult set je. So it will be lower that rm800 la. But later nk try pegi survey tmpt lain jugak. Mane tau dpt lg murah :D Tu baru ckp psl nk tempah hantaran. Alots lg nk prepair.. baju, make-up, brg2 hantaran x beli lagi, cadar, curtain, n me pulak bz whole week except weekend. Only 8 weekend left which means 16 days for me to think n prepair all this things aihhhhh -_-" En boifren sng la. Everything mummy yg buat n pikir. So lucky to be a guy. Lg2 kalau anak mummy. Hahaha.

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8:02:00 PM
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