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21 November 2008

♥ Quick update :P

Ohh lupe nk update shirt yg syg bg, Lawaaaa. Pink color gtu :D Thanks syg :-* Lucky nye i dapat boifren n bakal tunang macam u. Sayang u banyaaaak gle okeh. I nk kawen ngn u. Nak Nak. Hoho. End of next year kn?? X saba dah. Bosan da ckp psl tunang. Psl kawen pulak. Hahaha.

Special entry dedicated to syg :)
Hurm, entry luahan rase u pjgnye yunk. X pnh tgk u type entry pjg cenggitu :P Xpela yunk, wateva they said i redha je. Yg i tawu i bersyukur u sudi terima i seadenye i. Itu pn da buat i happy n be most luckiest girl. Ol dis while i happy sgt2 ngn u syg. Mmg la kengkadang gado terok gle but at the end we solve it nicely. N most important part is when u ask me to marry u. Terharu kot. Quite long time ago i'm looking forward to have wat im going through rite now. Its almost perfect. I've Job that im enjoy doing it everyday, i've happy family that always be there for me n i've MR. Boifren who loves me more than i can imagine. Thanks dear. Thanks thanks n thanks. For now i can only repay u with loving u as much as u love me. I wish i can do more but u know im not yet stable in so much things. But i promise for soon oke ;)


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11:48:00 PM
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